If you want to sell on Save Local just fill in the short form below and we’ll be in touch.
There’s some registration FAQ below the form, to perhaps save you time.

Just what you normally sell, only you need to give us a special offer. It must have a monetary value, so no free trials/quotes or suchlike.
Sorry, services only, no physical products.

Of course, it has to work for your business. You can restrict your Offers any way you wish to suit your needs, for example by day of week, time, date, quantity etc. Fill empty spots on quiet days, prevent no-shows, benefit from upsells, and attract new customers.

It’s free to register and list your offers on Save Local, we operate on a PAY ON RESULTS model.
You get 80% of each Offer sold, we pay for everything else, marketing, card fees, running the website etc.

When someone buys your offer on Save Local, they receive a voucher to present, in person, at your place of business in lieu of payment, for whatever goods or service they have bought.
For you to get paid, you need to enter the code on the voucher into your account, so we know the voucher has been redeemed, then we will pay you within 5 business days, but usually much sooner.

You will get your own admin area where you can see your sales, payments etc. and also add your offers. Don’t worry though, we will help you, or even do it for you if you wish, no charge.

Any other questions? Just drop us a line and we’ll get on it.

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