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Give us Some Special Offers and We'll Promote Them.

When Someone Buys an Offer, They Get a Unique Code.

You Provide the Service, Redeem the Code, and That's It!





When someone buys your offer on Save Local, they receive a unique voucher code to present to you as proof of payment for whatever service they have bought (you keep 100% of any extra spend).


Once you have supplied the service as advertised, you then redeem this code in your Save Local account to prevent it being used again.

Just what you normally sell, only you need to give us a special offer, with a minimum of 10% off.

You can put together a special deal just for Save Local and we’ll promote it, for example, a meal for 2 with a bottle of wine, that sort of thing.
It must have a monetary value, so no free trials/quotes or suchlike. Also, it must not be available at the same price or cheaper anywhere else.
Have a look around the site and get a feel for what other similar businesses are offering.
Sorry, services only, we don’t sell physical products.

Please note, we don’t inflate the “before” price to make the discount look greater, we just want genuine, real world discounts, hence why we are only asking for 10% off minimum from you, which we may add to, from our own commission.

Absolutely, it has to work for your business. You can restrict your Offers any way you wish to suit your needs, for example by day of week, time of day, date, quantity etc. Fill empty spots on quiet days, discourage no-shows, benefit from extra spend, and attract new customers.

You will get your own admin area where you can see your offers, sales, payments, vouchers etc. and also add or edit offers. Don’t worry though, we will do it for you if you wish, no charge. We know you’re busy, just give us the basic details, we’ll make it up, run it by you, and when you’re happy, list it on the site.

No, sorry. We are trying to keep this as lean as possible, so it’s all done remotely.

It doesn’t add anything for either you or the customer if we start having meetings, doing presentations etc. If that’s the sort of thing you need to make a decision, then perhaps it’s not for you.

We would love to hear any of your questions that aren’t answered here though, so do feel free to get in touch any time.

It’s free to register and list your offers on Save Local.
You get 80% of each Offer sold, we cover everything else, marketing, promotions, card fees, running the website etc. We even cover any further discounts you see, such as the current 10% Off signup offer, so you always get your 80%.
There’s absolutely no risk, this is not advertising, where you pay money and hope for a return, this is pure Pay on Results.

Relying on search engines to spread the word about your small business is getting harder, and social media sites are now charging you to reach all of your own followers!
On Save Local, we show users everything they search for, so if your business or Offer matches, they will see you.

When someone buys your offer on Save Local, their payment is immediately split, 80% to you and 20% to us. We pay the payment processing fees from our share.

We use Stripe as our payment processor, so you need to link your Stripe account to us for this to happen. If you don’t have one, setting up a new Stripe account is simple.

If you don’t have or don’t want to use Stripe, you can still sell on Save Local, but all the payment will come to us initially. Your 80% will show in your available balance, and you can request a withdrawal when your balance reaches a minimum of £100, with 1 free withdrawal per week. Further withdrawals within 7 days incur a £1.00 admin fee.


PLEASE NOTE: Immediate payment is only available to new Vendors for a limited time as an opening offer. Vendors who join after this promotion has ended will be paid once the customer has presented their voucher, although this is still an attractive proposition!

As these are all special offers, you need to think carefully about offering refunds for only very specific circumstances, and probably not at all for set events.
Bear in mind though the Consumer Contracts Regulations referenced HERE.

However, if you do need to refund someone, once you process it through Stripe, our 20% will be refunded too, you don’t have to cover that.

If you have too many refunds or complaints, we may ask you to stop using our service as it costs us both money and reputation.

No, not at all. Everything is done through Save Local, all you need is an internet connection so you can manage your account, and to redeem (cancel) offers once they are used.

Of course, as a Vendor you can sell your own Offers, and also buy Offers from other Vendors, all with 1 account.
You will also get all the benefits of being a customer that regular buyers get.

Just fill in the registration form below and we’ll be in touch.

If you are already a Customer you can upgrade on your Account page once you’re logged in.



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